About Flames Of Genesis

...from the concept to the journey beyond...

All journeys begin somewhere...

A sound. A vision. A key.
The Voyager from Flames Of Genesis opens the portal to another world, another dimension and beyond.
The first part of the Flames Of Genesis journey is here beginning with Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms.
The experiences are translated through ethereal cinematic dark ambient soundscapes - each piece telling a part of the story, conveying the experiences of the journeys across vast distances, crossing the border between what is known and unknown, embracing the mysteries and the wonders, transcending all limits and boundaries both within and without.

the voyager flames of genesis
Join with The Voyager and step into a world beyond usual experiences.
Open the gates to the mind and the spirit and let the experience be all encompassing.
Set foot upon the path to an unknown beyond...

nebula flames of genesis
horsehead nebula flames of genesis
outer space flames of genesis