A Bridge To Further Realms

...the journey begins...

The bridge to further realms opens before you...

flames of genesis a bridge to further realmsA sound. A vision. A key.
The Flames Of Genesis journey has begun.

The debut album from Flames Of Genesis - Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms has been released through Minorauro Records on CD and is also available as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon and all usual online platforms.

The CD is available from the Flames Of Genesis store or directly from Minotauro Records.

Embark upon a cinematic dark space ambient journey - the first part of the Interstellar Transmigration trilogy.

Some early reviews that have taken the voyage have said:
- "Haunting without being jarring. Unnerving in the nicest way" - Jon Wiederhorn from Revolver Magazine
- "Flames of Genesis is an amazing example of what dark ambient music is supposed to sound like" - Darkest Goth Magazine
- "...takes dark ambient and soundscapes and mixes it with cinematic elements to create a sound of his own..." - Dark Underground Music Zine
- "Very Good Music...folks who dig dark ambient synth and even metal heads should like this" - Robert Anglum from Brutal Existence Radio
- "I gradually saw nothingness come to life, colors whose existence I did not know existed around me, comets gliding in the darkness, stars twinkling, galaxies emerging in the thousands, possible cradles of this life of which mine escaped me. I contemplated time, understood that it was both everything and nothing" - Lords Of Chaos Webzine
- "...truly a interstellar journey; a journey where you are transported beyond the known cosmos..." - Giornale Metal
- "...chilly and austere dark ambient soundscape" - Will Pinfold from Zero Tolerance Magazine

Embrace the journey and foot upon the path to an unknown beyond...