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flames of genesis a bridge to further realms "...easily compares to acts like Lustmord, IIVII, Atrium Carceri and many other old Cold Spring and Cold Meat projects. For fans of these legends, this album is an absolute must-have"
- Serge from Merchants Of Air

"Haunting without being jarring. Unnerving in the nicest way"
- Jon Wiederhorn from Revolver Magazine

"I have been a fan of ambient music for about ten years now, and I must say that Flames of Genesis is by far one of the best acts in the genre that I have heard."
- Darkest Goth Magazine

"...the emotional peaks generated by the long traces of this album are truly remarkable... Absolute genius"

"If you’re looking for something a bit different and you lean toward the instrumental synth side of Prog – Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze etc, you will DEFINITELY get off on this EPIC instrumental electronic undertaking."
- The Progmeister from Midlands Metalheads

"...takes dark ambient and soundscapes and mixes it with cinematic elements to create a sound of his own..."
- Dark Underground Music Zine

"Very Good Music...folks who dig dark ambient synth and even metal heads should like this"
- Robert Anglum from Brutal Existence Radio

"I gradually saw nothingness come to life, colors whose existence I did not know existed around me, comets gliding in the darkness, stars twinkling, galaxies emerging in the thousands, possible cradles of this life of which mine escaped me. I contemplated time, understood that it was both everything and nothing"
- Lords Of Chaos Webzine

"...truly a interstellar journey; a journey where you are transported beyond the known cosmos..."
- Giornale Metal

"...chilly and austere dark ambient soundscape"
- Will Pinfold from Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Dark ambient with a wide pallet of the emotions, unforgettable journey through the Universe."
- Koronos Mortus webzine

" example of just how compelling this sub-genre can be."
- Avant Music News

" that makes you think of the Infinite, but also that digs inside the soul..."
- Hot Music Magazine

"...the Voyager builds brilliant and crystalline soundscape, but at the same time freezing and deadly, reminding us continually that the human being is insignificant compared to the enormous vastness of the universe."
- Hypnos Webzine

"This album puts the listener directly into the heart of the universe..."
- The Grim Tower